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Are Strip Lashes Here For a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime? 

History has shown that whatever makes us feel confident and beautiful is usually here to stay! That sentiment certainly holds true with strip lashes since they transcend age, race and gender. They add an immediate boost in esteem, they're sultry, sexy and provide instantaneous glamour. Now, who doesn't need that?

Strip lashes allow you to customize your level of eye glam according to your mood, profession, occasion or outfit of the day. Maybe you want a cat eye look to help shake those Monday morning blues. Or TGIF which means cocktails with the girls, so full on glam is a must for those obligatory selfies. Whatever the reason, lashes will ensure that you rule the room.

Are there Pros and Cons? Ask any lash lover and they'll tell you there really aren't any Cons once you've learned how to apply them. But, hallelujah for the Pros! No more 2-3 hour lash appointments. Additionally:

  • You can have a new look in under five minutes.
  • They're uber affordable and require no monthly refills.
  • No more gobs of mascara needed to get that luscious lash look.
  • A proper application should stay put up to a week.
  • They're Reusable up to 15 times.

Here's a tip to help you lash out like a pro. Decide which lash volume and level of eye glam you want. Then, practice, practice, practice is a MUST! The Glam selections listed below will help guide your way.

SUBTLE GLAM: These lashes are perfect for daily wear, a natural daytime or corporate chic look: Sugar Baby, Date Night, Show Stopper, Brooklyn Kitty

MEDIUM GLAM: These lashes are perfect for daily wear, special occasions or date night with that special someone: Anastasia, Front Row, So Bougie, Kylie, High Maintenance

HIGH GLAM: These lashes are perfect for your wedding day, any other special occasion or for those days when you just want to steal the show: Toxic, Mile High, Boss B#@%!, Bionic, Million Dollar Baby, Bragging Rights.

Like Boob Jobs, Stilettos and Spanx, lashes are here to stay. So get on board or get left behind. We highly suggest the former.



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